Star Wars: Spark of Conflict

Shadowport in Ord Radama

Calamity strikes

  • Shadowport sent out emergency pods into vicinity that are broadcasting. 
  • Jason Tarlo  agreed to let the group use the port more freely in exchange for removing the virus 

While aboard the Shadowport Vengeful Spirit  in the Ord Radama System, conflict struck the group as a bounty hunter went after Vareen.

At the same time, a Calor Beast from the planet of Thule, a carrier of the viral outbreak, was also brought onboard the station as a contender in the ring fighting pits. Sirens started blaring all over the Shdowport as fail-safe system built into the station closed all the access ports in response.


Traveling through the station, the group came face to face with the ruler of the Shadowport, and came to an agreement to find a cure for the virus that has been inflicting Thule, as well as now the port.


Time is of the utmost essence, because of the viral outbreak on the Shadowport, it's old redundant systems came back to life one final time, to launch emergency buoy's into nearby space broadcasting for any to hear.


Hurske Hurske

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